Hair Loss With You In Mind
07 / 19 / 15

Hair Loss With You In Mind

The thought of losing your hair is stressful. A natural appearance and hair style is an important part of your well being and self-esteem.


As we have done for so many of our clients, we can offer you affordable hair choices, knowledgeable caring support, and include a free private consultation with a hair specialist at no obligation.

Hair Augmentation

Is a method of adding hair to thinning areas and replacing hair in areas where there may be no hair at all. This is truly a great advancement in men and women's hair augmentation. The amount of hair that is supplemented can come in whatever proportion it takes to cosmetically solve your hair loss problem.


Machine made wigs are not for everyone. The less expensive wigs may use synthetic hair, which can be less natural looking. Machine made wigs can also be hot and cumbersome. We have a large selection of both machine made and custom made wigs. Our custom made wigs can be designed using synthetic or human hair for chemo and radiation patients. They incorporate a light, delicate base of materials, which enables a more comfortable, less irritable fit. They are cut in and styled accordingly to the bone structure and shape of your face.

New Men's Hair System

Gerry and Laura just returned from Minnesota bringing with them an outstanding new, ever so light, hair system for men. Unlike human hair, this will not fade or oxidize. This system was designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether at work or at play, in the office or the pool, it is worry free. In the elements of mother nature or under bright light, it keeps you naturally looking your best.

Lindi Skin Care Products

Most recently we were introduced to a product line called Lindi Skin Care. This product was developed primarily for cancer patients, and is intended to help individuals feel better and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience during radiation and chemotherapy. The face and body wash can also be used as a shampoo, to help retain moisture in the skin. The soothing skin cooler which is an infused hydro gel dressing sheet with aloe, provides an excellent relief after radiation, irritation, and sunburn. My son in law who recently came down with poison sumac and was suffering with blisters and severe itching on his arms gained almost immediate relief after several applications of the Skin Cooler! We were so impressed with the line that we became a representative for the company in the Jersey Shore area and now proudly offer their complete line of products.