Hair loss happens for a number of different reasons—but it’s never random. There is a science to hair loss, and a physiological reason why some follicles stop producing new growth. Before you can address your hair loss adequately, it’s helpful to get a good sense of your overall scalp health, which Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration can help you discover.

Trichology is the area of dermatology that’s concerned with the scalp and the follicles. At Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration, our stylists have been thoroughly educated in this field, and certified to provide Head First trichological evaluations and treatments for our clients. In fact, we are the first hair salon in New Jersey to become a Head First Hair Renewal Center!

Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration has risen to prominence as Southern New Jersey’s top hair replacement studio; our clients trust us to deliver results, and we’re able to do that through our commitment to science. Simply put, our team only recommends scalp treatments that get real results.

Trichology from Head First

At Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration, our stylists are certified in Head First, the leading line of trichology products. The Head First line includes a full spectrum of trichological treatments, including specially-formulated shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and more. These products are made with the science of trichology behind them, and they are designed to turn your scalp into a healthy environment for future hair growth.

The question is, which Head First products are right for you? That’s where our expertise comes into play. The Head First lineup is tailored to meet the needs of each client; the products that work well for you may not work as well for the next person. As you meet with a stylist in the Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration salon, you’ll receive a carefully-considered recommendation of the Head First products that are right for you.

Additionally, our stylists may recommend using Head First products in conjunction with other scalp treatments—including laser hair therapy. Our goal is always to help clients achieve a natural, full hairline, and we’re proud to offer products that are proven to be safe and effective in this regard. 

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Meet with a Head First Hair Renewal Technician at Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration

Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration is a family business, and we’re pleased to provide a full range of hair restoration services—for men, women, and children alike. To start the process, make an appointment with one of our Head First Hair Renewal technicians today. Learn what’s causing your hair loss—and take the first steps toward full, healthy hair restoration.