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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural part of life—and yet, for many women, it remains a taboo topic. Certainly, most girls don’t grow up anticipating that one day they will experience thinning hair. When it happens, it can be a painful reality to even consider. The good news is that, while female hair loss can be caused by many different factors, there is always a solution that offers safe, lasting results.

That’s the hopeful message we offer here at Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration. Many women come to us scared of their thinning hair, but with a consultation, we are always able to help them find the proper solution. If you’re a woman dealing with hair loss, we invite you to join us in our welcoming, private Tom’s River, NJ studio, where we can diagnose and then treat your thinning hair.

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

No woman wants to face the reality of hair loss—but just because your hairline is receding or your luscious locks aren’t as thick as they used to be, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done. There are a number of women’s hair loss solutions that have been proven safe, effective, and long-lasting—and we ae happy to provide those solutions here at Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration in Toms River, NJ.

The first step is meeting with one of our consultants. In a private and comfortable setting, we’ll help you determine the scope of your hair loss, then suggest some hair restoration techniques that will help you look and feel like yourself again.

Many women choose hair restoration systems, which can provide you with a natural hairline without the need for a graft, transplant, or surgery. These hair systems are fully customized to help you achieve the desired look, they require very little maintenance, and they can withstand any lifestyle—even intense athletics.

We are also proud to offer wigs and extensions that can be used to augment or replace the hair on your head. Toppers can also be a good option, providing fullness and height at the top of the head—a good in-between solution for those who need more than extensions, but aren’t yet ready for a hair system. And, for some women, laser hair therapy and trichological treatments can provide a lasting solution.

No matter the cause or the extent of your hair loss, there are steps you can take to look and feel yourself again. Make an appointment with Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration today, and let’s discuss some of the available options!

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