Women lose their hair for many different reasons—and they come to Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration seeking all kinds of solutions. Our job is to provide each client with the custom approach needed to help her achieve her goals, whether that means a hair restoration system, laser therapy, or hair extensions.

Women’s Hair Extensions and Hair Toppers

Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration is proud to provide a full range of extensions and toppers from some of the leading brands in the world. These products can help women augment and fill out their existing hair—providing them with the volume, shape, or length they are after, and helping restore their natural hairline and their full sense of confidence. Extensions can be excellent options for women whose hair loss is minor, and who just want a little more length or volume. Toppers, applied to the top of the head, represent a good midway solution between extensions and hair systems, offering both fullness and height.

Hair Extensions by Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration

No matter your needs—fitting, application, maintenance, or styling—the stylists at Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration can help. To learn more about the extensions and toppers we provide, or any of the other hair replacement solutions that are available, contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Schedule an Appointment with Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration

The best way to learn more about the extensions and toppers we provide is to meet with us in our Toms River, New Jersey studio. Following a full consultation with one of our stylists, you’ll discover the options available to you for full hair replacement. And if you decide to go the route of extensions or toppers, our stylists can help you choose and apply a product that will seamlessly mix with the hair on your head.

Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration has generations of experience in hair restoration, yet we also have our finger on the pulse of today’s leading solutions. We’re known in equal part for our approachability and our expertise, and we’re standing by to talk you through the best available hair loss treatments. Schedule an appointment with Abstrax Hair Designs & Restoration.